Is Ketamine Treatment Good for Migraines pain?

A unique Drug

Migraine pain is notoriously hard to treat. Ketamine is a unique drug, and is experiencing a renaissance in emergency medicine right now. Ketamine is generally used as a painkiller, a tranquilizer, and to cure depression. As Ketamine targets N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors in the brain, not opiate receptor sites, valuable drug is occasionally used as a substitute to opiate-based painkillers.

What Researches Say?

After so many researches, it is said that ketamine may be an efficient treatment against migraine headaches and provide some relief to patients for those who tried with other drugs becomes unsuccessful

About 75% of migraine patients for whom nothing worked at all have seen reduction in their pain at the end of the ketamine treatment period.  On the fourth day of treatment, they have rated their average migraine pain at 3.4 on a 10-point scale at discharge which is 7.5 when admitted for treatment.

While other treatments give short-term relief, ketamine treatment is having the potential of long term pain relief to patients.

Out of 95% of the chronic migraine suffering patients, 40% of patients had constant pain relief after 30 to 100 days after discharged from hospital.

Does Ketamine have side effects?

The possibility of side effects in patients is significantly low for headaches treatment. About 12 % of Americans affected by migraines, which are typified by severe pain, sensitivity to brightness and noise, and vomiting. Women suffered by Migraine headaches 3 times more than men. The causes and treatments for this remain poorly understood.

In is reported that all 49 patients who underwent ketamine infusions over a five-year period experienced major pain reduction. Other researchers have reported that using a ketamine nasal spray to decrease the severity of migraine sensation and outbreak of migraine pain.

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