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Ketamine – “A Miracle Drug” – From anesthetic to depression
People with depression have some abnormality within the glutamatergic system in the brains. ketamine, a drug which is widely used as anesthesia during surgeries
Ketamine: an exceptional treatment for Anxiety​
Ketamine – An anesthetic which was initially accepted by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Later, ketamine is being put to use in treatment of mood disorders such as depression, anxiety disorders
CRPS Pain Treatments using Ketamine​
Are you suffering from CRPS? Are you being the one who want to be standout everything from others does? Now, with complex regional pain syndrome, you can only just stand up.
Is Ketamine Treatment Good for Migraines pain?​
Migraine pain is notoriously hard to treat. Ketamine is a unique drug, and is experiencing a renaissance in emergency medicine right now. Ketamine is generally used as a painkiller, a tranquilizer, and to cure depression.

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