Ketamine - "A Miracle Drug"

From anesthetic to depression

People with depression have some abnormality within the glutamatergic system in the brains. ketamine, a drug which is widely used as anesthesia during surgeries that triggers glutamate production, prompts the brain to form new neural connections. This composes the brain more flexible and capable of creating new pathways. This gives the opportunity to patients in developing more positive thoughts and behaviors. No one has seen such effect before, even with traditional antidepressants.

Researchers have experimented ketamine with using subanesthetic doses of ketamine for patients who have severe depression with zero improvement with standard antidepressant treatments.

The results have been dramatic:

“In several studies, more than half of participants show a significant decrease in depression symptoms after just 24 hours.”  

Most important things to know about ketamine

  • Ketamine needs to be part of a more comprehensive treatment plan for depression.
  • Ketamine is very unlikely that a single dose, or even several doses of ketamine alone, will cure their depression
  • Ongoing treatments with ketamine may provide rapid benefits that can be sustained with comprehensive treatment plans
  • Ketamine appears to help facilitate the creation new neural pathways
  • Ketamine can help you to develop resiliency
  • Ketamine protect against from the return of the depression
  • ketamine may be most effective when combined with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Dr. Shawn Roofian, director of the Ketamine Medical Institute, with two locations in the Los Angeles area, is an expert at treating depression through ketamine therapy to help men and women get relief when other medications fail.

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