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About Dr. Roofian

A native Californian, Dr. Shawn Roofian grew up in Los Angeles, completed his residency and fellowship in the area at USC, and remains in the community today, offering his expertise in pain management and ketamine infusion therapy. As the medical director of the Ketamine Medical Institute, with offices in Beverly Hills, and Tarzana, California, Dr. Roofian provides ketamine treatments and infusion therapy to help patients of all ages get relief from numerous health conditions. An expert in this innovative field, Dr. Roofian develops custom treatment protocols for his patients.

Dr. Roofian began his career with an undergraduate degree from the University of California and then went on to medical school at the University of Illinois at Chicago to earn his doctor of medicine degree. After that, Dr. Roofian returned to his hometown to complete a residency in anesthesiology and a fellowship in pain management, both at the University of Southern California. Today, in addition to practicing medicine, Dr. Roofian is an assistant professor at USC, sharing his extensive knowledge of the intricacies of anesthesiology and pain management with residents and fellows.

Recognized by the medical community as an authority in the fields of interventional treatments for chronic low back, neck, and spinal pain, Dr. Roofian has a wealth of experience speaking at pain management conferences.. He has also been retained as an expert consultant in a variety of medical-legal cases.

In addition to treating spinal conditions, Dr. Roofian’s professional interests also include interventional procedures for cancer pain and neuromodulation.

With his caring bedside manner and knowledgeable approach to numerous chronic health conditions, Dr. Roofian is passionate about creating unique, effective treatment plans so his patients can live a better quality of life.

Shawn Roofian

What Our Patients Say?

Best pain management doctor in LA! I didn't even know what pain management was and I have to admit I'm not a big fan of western medicine. Highly recommend!
Thank you Dr. Roofian for taking such great care of my family and I. His goal is to make sure you are pain free and he is a magician. Thanks again doctor!
Dr. Shawn Roofian is possibly one of the best physicians I have ever met. Shawn set me on a path to wellness for which I am so grateful.
This doctor is great! Professional, caring, and very knowledgeable. He was patient and listened to all my concerns. I highly recommend him.
Dr. Roofian is one of the most understanding and patient doctors I have ever seen. My quality of life has been improved immensely. Thank you Dr. Roofian!
"I am extremely happy I found Dr. Roofian. Thanks to Dr. Roofian, I am currently experiencing far less pain than at any point prior in the past 11 years."

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